Have you made the decision to remodel your home? Crystal ball not working out to tell you what you should do? Help make the decision easier by determining what return on investment you’ll see based on the upgrades you make. Most home upgrades do not equate to higher sales price within 7 years of undertaking the project, though some manage to recover higher percentages of their costs.

Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report offers a look at the average costs of projects, both nationally and regionally, and the average resale value of the project to determine what percentage of your investment you’ll recoup.

Here’s a look at popular projects and the percentage of the cost they will recoup based on national averages for 2019:

Garage Door Replacement – 97.5%

Entry Door Replacement (Steel) – 74.9%

Manufactured Stone Veneer – 94.9%
Siding Replacement – 75.6%

Window Replacement (Vinyl) – 73.4%
Window Replacement (Wood) 70.8%

Roofing Replacement (Asphalt Shingles) – 68.2%
Roofing Replacement (Metal) – 60.9%

Bathroom Remodel – 67.2%
Bathroom Addition – 60.6%

Minor Kitchen Remodel – 80.5%
Major Kitchen Remodel – 62.1%

Master Suite Addition – 59.4%

Backyard Patio – 55.2%

Deck Addition (Composite) – 69.1%
Deck Addition (Wood) – 75.6%

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