❑ Organize the house by category instead of by room. (Ex: sort through all books in all rooms)

❑ Gather supplies for cleaning.

❑ Make a schedule, breaking up your work.

❑ Work top to bottom in each room.

❑ Turn on some music and “whistle/dance/air guitar” while you work!

All Rooms

❑ dust/wash crown molding and baseboards

❑ clean ceiling corners

❑ dust and clean all air vents

❑ wash window drapes/blinds/shades

❑ clean lamp shades and lighting fixtures

❑ clean and disinfect all fixtures, switch plates and pulls

❑ clean and oil ceiling fan

❑ wash doors and walls

❑ touch up paint

❑ spot treat carpet stains; deep clean carpets

❑ deep clean flooring (tile, linoleum, carpet or hardwood)

❑ shake out, vacuum and clean under area rugs, including liners and pads, then rotate rugs for even wear

❑ clean all windows (inside/out) and mirrors

❑ dust and clean around art and pictures

❑ dust all furniture, cleaning underneath as well

❑ spot treat or wash and vacuum upholstered, cleaning under cushions and underneath as well

❑ condition leather furniture

❑ clean air vents and change filters

❑ replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

❑ test/replace fire extinguishers

❑ examine electrical wiring for any potential problems

❑ clean out fireplace and schedule chimney sweep if necessary

❑ schedule pest control maintenance (indoor and outdoor)


❑ deep clean all cabinets and hardware

❑ spot clean walls, then wipe down

❑ clean and organize shelves and drawers

❑ clean the oven; put down aluminum foil in the bottom to make future cleaning easier

❑ clean the stove, burners and knobs

❑ clean the hood and vent; change filter

❑ clean the microwave

❑ clean and organize the refrigerator/freezer

❑ vacuum refrigerator coils

❑ replace water filters

❑ clean and disinfect garbage disposal

❑ clean and disinfect dishwasher

❑ clean and disinfect coffee maker

❑ clean and disinfect appliances

❑ deep clean kitchen counter

❑ deep clean sink and fixtures

❑ deep clean kitchen floors

❑ clean and disinfect trash cans

Dining Room

❑ clean and declutter hutch cabinets and drawers

❑ wash and organize linens and cushions

❑ dust and clean all collectibles

❑ disinfect table and wipe down all chairs, including legs and underneath


❑ clean and disinfect toothbrush holders, cups, etc.

❑ clean and refill soap dish and/or pump

❑ clean shower caddy

❑ clean shower curtain and liner

❑ clean shower door frame and shower glass

❑ mop and hand scrub floors

❑ deep clean and disinfect toilet

❑ scrub the bathtub and/or shower

❑ scrub walls

❑ wash floor rugs and bath mats

❑ wash all linens

❑ clean and disinfect trash can

❑ clean shower head

❑ caulk where necessary and reseal tile and grout

❑ unclog drains

❑ organize and toss all expired makeup, medication, lotions, etc.

❑ clean makeup brushes

❑ clean, organize and de-clutter cabinets, drawers and closets

❑ deep clean countertops

❑ deep clean sink and polish fixtures

Living/Family Room

❑ organize and eliminate clutter

❑ dust electronics and organize wires and accessories

❑ clean and disinfect toys and play area

❑ disinfect remote controls and gaming devices



❑ clean and organize closet and dressers, switching seasonal items and donating unwanted pieces

❑ clean and organizer nightstand

❑ clean, rotate and flip your mattress

❑ clean under furniture

❑ wash and organize all linens



❑ organize paperwork and files and shred unneeded documents

❑ update and review all important paperwork; store in a safe place

❑ check credit report

❑ clean out and organize your computer files

❑ clean your screen, keyboard and mouse

❑ clean your car key remote/key fob

❑ clean and organize your briefcase and handbags

❑ organize desk, drawers, closets and supplies

Laundry/Utility Room

❑ clean dryer vent

❑ clean inside washing machine

❑ empty washing machine drain pump

❑ reseal tile grout

❑ clean and organize contents on shelving

❑ organize and eliminate unnecessary products and supplies

❑ hire a technician to service your furnace and HVAC system


❑ sweep and use jet spray to wash deck

❑ stain/paint deck and seal

❑ use jet spray to clean brick and siding (be careful as power washing can take off paint)

❑ touch up paint where needed

❑ use jet spay to wash garage door

❑ clean outside doors and frames

❑ make any necessary caulking repairs

❑ knock down all cobwebs and eliminate any pests

❑ deep clean grill and tools

❑ clean and repair gutters

❑ repair cement, bricks, wood and stone

❑ clean outdoor lighting fixtures and replace bulbs

❑ wash outside windows

❑ clean and display patio furniture and cushions

❑ clean and organize garage or carport

❑ clean and disinfect outdoor trash can

❑ hire a professional to repair/clean your chimney

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