❑ sweep and use jet spray to wash deck


❑ stain/paint deck and seal


❑ use jet spray to clean brick and siding (be careful as power washing can take off paint)


❑ touch up paint where needed


❑ use jet spray to wash garage door


❑ clean outside doors and frames


❑ make any necessary caulking repairs


❑ knock down all cobwebs and eliminate any pests


❑ deep clean grill and tools


❑ clean and repair gutters


❑ repair cement, bricks, wood and stone


❑ clean outdoor lighting fixtures and replace bulbs


❑ wash outside windows


❑ clean and display patio furniture and cushions


❑ clean and organize garage or carport


❑ clean and disinfect outdoor trash can


❑ hire a professional to repair/clean your chimney

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