❏ Covering – Ground and Sky 

Consider your budget, the look you want and the maintenance required for each of your options. Ground covering can include tile, grass, gravel, sand or a run and overhead you can use lattice work, a pergola or an umbrella.

❏ Seating

Perhaps the most important element. Think outside the rocking chair – hanging beds, joggling boards, throw cushions and more can be delightful and comfortable places to sit.

❏ Tables

Try an old stump or a repurposed electrical roll for a place to set your glass of wine or iced tea when lounging. Consider your intent to use the space: serving areas for a buffet or bar or a potting table for a gardening station.

❏ Lighting

Don’t get caught in the dark, incorporate a fire pit, candles, a string of lights or installed lighting.

❏ Privacy

Use plants, drapes or screens made of old shutters enclose your space.


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