– Plastic planter saucer for mold
– Quickcrete w/ Water & Measuring Cup
– Bucket & stick to mix concrete; Shovel or spoon to pour concrete
– Decorations of your choice
– Rubber gloves and goggles or sunglasses
– Bucket of soapy water for washing hands and feet
– Work rags or towel


❑ Prep Your Work Area

– The yard is best or protect floors with a drop cloth
– Gather all materials (above) and have ready

❑ Mix the Quickcrete following the instructions on the bag (5 parts water to one part cement). Your mixture should be the consistency of dough and not too liquidy.

❑ Scoop the Quickcrete mixture into the mold using a spoon or shovel until the foot stone is the desired thickness (at least 2 inches thick).

❑ Shake and tap the mold to get the cement even and ensure there are no air bubbles. Remove any excess cement with a stick or work rag before it dries.

❑ While the cement is drying (30 minutes – 1 hour), layout your design for the stone next to the mold.

❑ Once the cement has dried for 30 minutes – 1 hour, it’s time to decorate. We used hand and footprints and a sunflower pressed into the concrete. See notes below for additional ideas.

❑ Immediately rinse hands and feet placed into concrete in your soapy water bucket.

❑ Let the stone sit undisturbed for 2 – 3 days; moving it may cause cracks. Baste the cement with a light layer of water daily while it sets to make it harder.

❑ After 2 – 3 days, remove the stone from the mold and let it sit for week before giving it to dad to ensure that it is dry.


Use embellishments like broken dishes or tiles, marbles, bottle caps, etc
Imprint items – handprints, leaves, flowers, stamps, etc.

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