❑ Choose a container. Get creative; any container will work, as long as it has drainage. Old pots, vases, barrels and even tires make great homes for a small garden.

❑ Select a location. Your flower garden needs moderate sunshine. The more colorful the flowers, the more sunshine needed. A good rule of thumb — avoid “all shady” and “all sunny” places.

❑ Pick your potting soil. Container gardens need a lightweight mix; packaged potting soil available at local garden centers makes a good choice. Soil from a normal garden is normally too heavy while clay soil holds in too much moisture.

❑ Water your garden. Depending on the location of your container garden, you may need to water your plants once or twice daily. How do you know when to water? If the soil feels damp, wait a little longer, then add water until it runs out of the drainage holes.

Happy Gardening!

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