❏ Take inventory. Donate/throw away anything you no longer use. Starting with:

  • permanently stained
  • tattered beyond repair
  • anything you’re hanging onto or just can’t get rid of but never use
  • painting/gardening clothes that you do not use
  • clothes from fashion periods long gone
  • clothes you can no longer wear or you plan on being able to wear after your latest diet

❏ Throw away metal hangers. They can leave rust stains and leave clothes sagging.

❏ Keep all items visible for easy coordination and selection. Consider grouping clothes by item (shirts, skirts, pants, etc) and then by color.

❏ Fold, never hang, sweaters and knits.

❏ Everyday shoes go on lower racks. Shoes worn only on occasion should be stored on higher shelves (preferably in boxes).

❏ Purses should be stuffed with tissue to retain their shape and stored on higher shelves.

❏ Constantly do inventory as new items are added and older unused items.

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