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7 Things Super-Organized Women Do Every Day

7 Things Super-Organized Women Do Every Day

Twelve months ago, my mother in law came into town for a week and we organized EVERY SINGLE ROOM in my house. I know what you’re thinking: your mother in law?!? HAHA, yes, she is also an amazing organizer, and just like my own clients it takes a 3rd party to REALLY...

What to Remodel?

What to Remodel?

Have you made the decision to remodel your home? Crystal ball not working out to tell you what you should do? Help make the decision easier by determining what return on investment you’ll see based on the upgrades you make. Most home upgrades do not equate to higher...

Outdoor Rooms

Create a space outside of your home where you can sit comfortably and enjoy nature. Key elements to consider:


Container Gardens

Don’t have the time, space or green thumb needed for a full-sized garden? Plant a container garden! Their versatility and beauty make them a quick fix for any porch, balcony, deck or doorstop. Try these tips to get started.

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