❑ Materials: Pumpkin; Sphagnum Moss; Shallow Dish or Bowl; Floral Pins; Succulents; Tillandsias – aka: air plants; Found objects like moss, lichen and Resurrection Fern; Sharpened garden shears

❑ Clip the stem of your pumpkin for a nice, even surface on the top of the pumpkin.

❑ Put the Sphagnum Moss in a bowl, mist with water, then toss like a salad to moisten the moss. Place a generous portion of moss on the top of the pumpkin pressing down to make a “base” for your plantings.

SucculentPumpkin Dirt

❑ Select a succulent, remove from pot and brush away the dirt from the roots. If roots are too long, use your shears to snip them until a manageable length.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant1

SucculentPumpkin Succulant2

❑ Position the succulent on the pumpkin as desired and use a floral pin to secure the plant to the pumpkin – pinning the roots, not the plant itself.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant3

❑ Repeat this process with succulents and found objects making sure to vary the trailing plants, height and colors to create layers and depths. You may also easily divide the succulent into multiple plants by delicately separating at the roots.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant4

SucculentPumpkin Succulant5

❑ Using moss, lichen and other found objects, cover the floral pins so that none are visible. Use any trimmings that have fallen of the plants to make “bundles” in places that need extra dimension. Tuck moss underneath plants to give them needed lift.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant6

❑ Place air plants and found objects in last to complete the look, texture and dimension you envision for your pumpkin.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant7

❑ This looks great as a table centerpiece or on the front porch stairs. Easy to care for, simply mist or spray very lightly with water once – twice a week to keep the moss moist. If you’re using it outside, be sure to bring it indoors before a rain, as it will speed up the rotting process of the pumpkin. Once ready to disassemble, compost the pumpkin and place the succulents in dirt to keep the plants for future projects or to display on their own.

SucculentPumpkin Succulant8

SucculentPumpkin Succulant9

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