You’ll need:

  • Images you want to use (photos of kids, holiday icons, team logo)
  • Tissue paper (incorporate colors from images you select)
  • Decoupage Medium (like Modge-Podge) in matte or glass
  • Scissors, Paintbrush, Sponge
  • Computer, scanner, color printer

1. Scan your images into your computer, adjust colors if desired, then print in color on white paper.

2. Cut out your images, and cut tissue paper into small pieces.

3. Working in small sections, use the paintbrush to coat the glass with decoupage then stick your images into place.

4. Working around the images, brush on more decoupage and layer pieces of tissue paper until glass is coated.

5. Brush 1 – 2 layers of decoupage over images and tissue paper – letting dry between coats.

6. Use your sponge to help smooth out edges.

Enjoy the new look!

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