❑ Be a member of the “200” club. Try to get in 200 minutes of cardio a week. You don’t have to do it all at once; just accumulate your time over the week. Ten to twenty minutes can add up.

❑ Stand on one leg and balance when you are brushing your teeth or prepping food in the kitchen; switch legs. You will be working on balance and core strength.

❑ Play with your kids. If you have an infant, lift the baby up to the sky, then down for a kiss; repeat. Play tag, tug of war or make an obstacle course with your children and do this together. This is wonderful exercise and bonding time.

❑ Use a stability ball instead of a chair at the computer- great for core and posture.

❑ Take time to stretch your body, your muscles. Tune into each body part as you lengthen and contract your muscles. When tension creeps in, pause, pay attention to the area, then stretch to help relieve it.

❑ Commit to performing one new idea every day. Learn how to do a proper push up or plank, practice meditation, try a new recipe…you get the idea.

❑ Get plenty of sleep to repair your body.

❑ Take time for joy, gratitude and laughter every day.

❑ Strive for balance in our body, our home, our work, our life. Balance is the key to life!

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