Whether it be worrying about money or thenever-ending to do list, stress affects everyone during the holidays. Identify the causes of your stress, create strategies and solutions to mitigate or eliminate stressors and find healthy ways to help relieve your anxiety.

Diet & Exercise 

From holiday parties with festive cocktails to family meals with rich food, being mindful of how you indulge is key to entering the new year feeling your best. Fill your plate with lots of healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit and have small portions of the decadent stuff. Make time in your schedule for a daily walk or activity that gets your blood pumping.

Cold & Flu 

Do everything you can to stave off the “ick” by washing your hands, getting plenty of rest and excercise, dressing properly for colder temperatures and getting your seasonal vacciines. The CDC offers 12 Ways to Health with easy-to-follow advice for staying well.


Feeling down or blue is common during the holidays. We tend to put more stress on ourselves by working to create the fantasy of the “perfect” holiday, miss those that are no longer with us and are hard on ourselves for our perceived shortcomings. Be gentle on yourself and engage in activities that make you feel your best like volunteering or taking a yoga class. Remember to take deep breaths and be mindful of treating your body well. Seek support from a friend or professional when you need it.

Skin Care

As temperatures drop, in addition to your regular skin care regiment, take extra care to protect your skin. Apply sunscreen. While a hot shower feels great when it’s cold outside, it will dry out your skin; use warm water instead. Throw out that bar of soap and switch to a moisturizing body wash. Your skin is an organ and it needs its daily supply of water to maintain a healthy glow. Having a hard time drinking your 8 cups a day when it’s colder outside? Consider drinking herbal tea instead.

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