Eat a healthy breakfast
I know you’ve heard this one maybe a hundred times, but don’t ignore it. Breakfast is a time to nourish your body and jump start your day towards healthy eating. A healthy morning meal triggers your body and mind to make healthy choices throughout the day. I like to start my morning off with Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with almond butter, sliced banana and a dash of cinnamon. The healthy combination will keep you feeling fuller longer which means more energy for the day ahead.

Move more
Make it a priority to get moving in a positive, fun way. You don’t have to struggle through an hour long treadmill routine. I practice yoga, because it’s the perfect combination of both physical and mental exercise. Yoga truly is for everyone with so many different types and styles to choose from. There are great options for moms such as Mama & Baby Yoga, yoga with childcare and really good online options.

Practice mindfulness when it comes to snacking

Ask yourself, am I really hungry or just bored, anxious, tired etc.?
Try drinking a glass of water before reaching for a snack. A lot of times thirst can be masked as hunger.
 Keep a big chopped salad with lots of greens in your fridge at all times. Try eating the salad without dressing. What if you don’t like salad? Too bad…eat it anyway. Overtime your taste buds will adjust and you can learn to love vegetables.

If you forget everything, just remember to keep it simple: eat real food, avoid consuming any products that you cannot pronounce and find a little time for yourself to move in a fun way even if it means just dancing with your little one in the living room.

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