Medical Hair Loss

Wig expert and hair stylist Krista Lane has been wearing hair pieces since she was a child after her diagnosis of alopecia. Having lived with hair loss and become a beauty expert, she is passionate about helping others with similar issues.

❑ Losing your hair is a very emotional time. I recommend working with what you have now. If you are waiting for the hair to grow back or to lose more hair prior to making styling decisions, you are prolonging a difficult time frame.

❑ The key is to make choices to feel good about yourself and your appearance. Be confident in your choices! Embrace the positives like being able to change your book from day to day. As a young person, I’d worry that others would notice that I was wearing something different or a different color. Then I discovered it was actually a fabulous opportunity to be different and try new looks.

❑ Start with a good consultant. Search for wigs and wigs consultants and find someone with a good personal style.

❑ In general, there are two choices extensions or wigs.

❑ Extensions are good options if your hair is in good enough condition. Many people who lose their hair after a medical condition find that it never grows back as thick; this is a great option to consider.

❑ For wigs, there are synthetic wigs that are shinier, can be washed as normal, cost less and do not last quite as long and you should avoid heat with on them.

❑ Natural hair wigs cost more money, can be styled just as you would your natural hair and have the look and feel of real hair.

❑ With any wig, they should be washed regularly and you should keep your scalp very clean.

❑ To adhere wigs you use double-sided tape or glue. Look for sensitive skin options to avoid irritation.


Makeup artist Shannon Wetherholt shares tips for wearing makeup when you’ve had medical hair loss.

❑ False eyelashes require glue, which may be irritating to the skin. Instead, use black or brown liner and blend into the lash line where the lashes used to be.

❑ Stay away from chemical ingredients and use natural, hydrating products. I recommend avoiding parabens, and I really like using mineral-based makeup.

❑ Use a pencil or a powder eyeshadow to fill in where brows used to be. You can even buy an eyebrow stencil in case you do not have a steady hand. I recommend using a brow pencil specifically so that the make up will stay in place.

❑ For Ovarian Cancer Awareness, incorporate teal into your eye makeup. Use teal eyeshadow as an accent to your eyecolor; start at the outer corner of the lash line, working up into crease, then blend. Teal eyeliner looks great. I recommend using a powder and blending it into the lash line. Of course, teal finger and toe nails is a must!

❑ I also think a teal hair accessory is super fun. There are many options for a streak that you can add to your hair.

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