Find Your Look

❑ Clip out pictures, images, colors, and patterns that you like out of magazines, fabrics, catalogues, etc.

❑ Paste the images onto a plain page of a book or put them on a display board.

❑ Use the collage as inspiration for pairing items together in your wardrobe.

❑ Make a list of any items you need to complete your desired look, and take your list with you shopping.

Buy Smart

❑ Purge the closet and donate or consign all of the clothes you have not worn in over one year. No more “I’ll lose the weight” or “Maybe next year!” Take a deep breath and GET RID OF IT! Goodwill will even pick-up from your home, and if you choose to consign, you’ll have extra cash for buying clothes you WILL wear. This goes for shoes too!

❑ Pick out the items you love the most in your closet. What do you love about them? Search for items that have the same qualities or will accessorize well with your favorites to create a new look.

❑ Buy quality, not quantity. Do not be fooled by the sale price. You are much better off buying a couple of high quality items seasonally than getting 15 different cheap ones that will not be wearable or en vogue next season!

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