September 13: International Chocolate Day

❑ Find out more about the history of chocolate and how it is made. Check out this Smithsonian feature, “A Brief History of Chocolate,” which includes a video or the “The Sweet Lure of Chocolate” at Exploratorium.

❑ Feeling adventurous? Make your own chocolate! You can even order a Make Your Own Chocolate kit.

❑ Visit a local chocolate shop where they make chocolate and sample the different flavors!

September 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day

Make pirate costumes together using items you already have at home.

❑ Visit for a comprehensive list of “Stuff for Junior Pirates,” including pirate talk, decoration ideas, and games.

❑ Have a treasure hunt in your backyard; create a map and let the kids follow it to find the booty!

September 28: National Dog Week

❑ Learn more about the History of Dogs at and discover some fascinating stories about dogs throughout history at Sniffing the Past.

❑ Get crafty with a DIY doggie craft for toddlers.

❑ Make homemade dog treats for your favorite pup.

Visit a local shelter and offer to walk the dogs or help out in any way needed.

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