Beach Day
Host a tropical fun day in your own kitchen! Cover your floor with plastic drop cloth and beach towels and place a bin of water on top with water toys, beach balls, and more. Have bubbles on hand for blowing. Use craft paper to line the walls and cabinets with drawings of palm trees, sunshine, boats, shorebirds, and the ocean. Serve tropical snacks like pineapple and mango skewers and sip on kid-friendly “boat drinks” like a strawberry daiquiri. Put on your bathing suit, bring in the beach chairs, crank up the heat and the island tunes; it’s all irie!

Moon Explorers
Choose a windowless room in your home or cover windows with newspaper and draw the curtains tight. Coat the floor with bubble wrap and put some cushions underneath in some areas to give some shape to the “lunarscape.” Have fun with lights and sound! You can make your own star projector¬†using glow in the dark stickers and paint or a blacklight to get an out-of-this-world look. You can also bring in glows sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and the like for added fun. Serve dehydrated food, fruit cut into star shapes, or rocket pops for a snack. Play the “Astronaut’s Playlist” from or electronic music that sounds spacey.

Archaeological Dig

Head to the local Dollar Store to pick up a package of plastic dinosaurs and other fun, small toys. Fill a shallow plastic bin – or several small ones – with packing peanuts, then toss the knick-knacks int, covering them with the packing peanuts. Have digging tools like buckets, cups, and shovels at the ready. Have the kids dig through the packing peanuts to find the surprises. You can even rotate the toys that are in each search to stretch their interest. Use the finds to make fossil cookies: place dough on a cookie sheet, flatten balls of dough into rounds using a glass and make imprints of dinosaurs, bugs, etc. into the cookie by pressing them into the dough; bake as normal.

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