❑ Leaves collected from outside

❑ Contact Paper

❑ Scissors


❑ Go on a scavenger hunt to collect leaves of all shapes and colors. Once materials are collected, lay them out on a work space with plenty of room to spread out.

❑ Determine how much contact paper you need by taking into account how you will use it (windows, place mats, etc.) before cutting it from the roll.

❑ Fold the contact paper in half and remove the backing to reveal the sticky side of only half the paper.

❑ Place the paper “sticky-side-up” on the table with the reserved portion secured out of the way and arrange the leaves on the sticky portion with the colorful side facing you.

❑ When you’re finished, remove the backing from the other half and fold it over to “sandwich” the leaves, carefully “sealing” the two pieces together to remove any bubbles.

❑ Ideas for Use: Add a slip of paper with names on it for placemats or place card holders for a fall or Thanksgiving dinner. Use a hole punch and a piece of string to hang your creation like a piece of stained glass from a window.

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