❑ To prevent fat from splattering when frying sausage, lightly flour your sausage before cooking.
❑ Soak your bacon in cold water for two minutes and dry it well with paper towels before frying to stop your bacon from curling.
❑ Place a small piece of ice inside your meatballs before browning for the perfect moisture.
❑ Use flat beer or hard cider for tenderizing beef. Their fermtation qualities do the trick.
❑ Add tomatoes to roasts to help tenderize them naturally.
❑ For a good brown gravy for roasts, place dry onion soup mix in the bottom of your roaster pan prior to cooking.  When you remove the roast, add one can of mushroom soup to the dripping and soup mix for an easy and delicious brown gravy.
❑ Soak venison in ginger ale overnight to eliminate the gamey flavor.

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