❑ Invest In Some Good Equipment: Even bartenders have a hard time eye-balling measurements. Make sure your cocktail is perfect by measuring your ingredients with a jigger. A cobbler shaker is also a great investment for beginners because it comes with a built in strainer.

❑ Ice, Ice Baby: Don’t use crushed or melting ice for your cocktail! It will just dilute the drink and ruin the flavor. Make sure that your ice is truly cold before you make your cocktail.

❑ Shaken or Stirred: Shake cocktails when they include fruit juices, cream, syrup, or any other thick mixers. Shaking your cocktail creates a cloudy look at first, which will clear up within a few minutes. Stirring is a more gentle technique for mixing cocktails and is used to delicately combine distilled spirits with the perfect amount of dilution.

❑ It’s All About The Glass: Play with shape and size of your glass. Highball glasses are an elegant way to serve mixed drinks like gin and tonic or long island iced tea. Coupette glasses, also known as margarita glasses, are great for icy concoctions with a salt or sugar rim. Martini glasses work for any shaken or strained cocktail because their unique shape helps prevent the ingredients from separating. Serve your spring cocktail in a chilled glass to keep it cold and delicious.

❑ Garnish: No cocktail is complete without a gorgeous garnish. Garnishes can be placed on the rim of the glass, floated, or sat in the drink. Fruit is always a great garnish for summery, citrus cocktails, but avoid using this for drinks made with milk or cream. Use a toothpick to create a more elaborate garnish, such as a fruit flag, or for an easier and more understated look, coat the rim of the glass with salt or sugar.

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