1. Not making enough calls/emails.
Know your numbers:

A=_____(number of people you contact)
B=_____(number of people who agree to meeting)
C=_____(number of people who meet with you & convert to clients)
D=_____(number of clients you need to meet your goals)
Start from D and work your way to A in order to set your specific goals.

2. No connecting with the decision-makers.
Get the meeting with the person qualified to make the deal.

3. No listening.
Salespeople often make the mistake of talking about their product and service instead of listening to what the client needs.

4. Time mismanagement.
Keep your goals in site and adopt a sales cycle that accommodates leads, meetings and closings in the works at all times.

5. Not recovering quickly enough.
There are a lot of “no’s” in sales and that rejection can feel overwhelming. The most successful salespeople can shake it off and keep going. Remember: if you have not made mistake number 1 and 4, you should have other leads in the pipeline who will potentially say “yes”!

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