Lucky Peach

❑ Brandy soaked local peaches

❑ Squeeze of one lemon, tossing in the wedge [muddle]

❑ An ounce of bourbon [Maker’s Mark]

❑ Splash of ginger simple syrup

❑ Splash of Cava (sparkling white wine)

❑ Finish with Sprite

Serve on the rocks.

– Brittaney Litton, Barsa Tapas, Lounge & Bar


Tia’s Tea

❑ 1.5 oz of Firefly

❑ 1.5 oz of Peach Schnapps

❑ 1 oz sour

❑ Splash of Sprite

❑ Splash of soda water. Mix ingredients over ice in large glass. Garnish with lemon.

– Tia Albia, Blind Tiger Pub

Sparkling Cucumber Sangria


❑ Half glass or bottle of white wine

❑ 1 oz or 1 cup Cucumber Vodka

❑ Sugar or simple syrup

❑ Soda water (I use a Citrus Pellegrino)

Serve on the rocks. Garnish with cucumbers and limes.

– Dawn Goldman, Owner, Bar Belles Charleston 

Writer/Photographer: Helen Ravenel Hammond
Hair/Makeup: Stella Nova Spa Salon – West Ashley & Mt Pleasant
Photographed at Blind Tiger Pub on Broad Street, Charleston, SC

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