“This photo is my favorite as the bride and groom had a close family death the day prior to the wedding. I was still able to capture them happy and truly in love as there were many tears of joy and sadness that day.”

Amy-Marie Kay Photography

“I love the radiant look of a just-married couple after their vows are all said and done. After all the pomp and planning of a spectacular wedding day, the occasion finally calls them to simply bask in the afterglow.The story that unfolds here is serene: two newlyweds steal away and find reprieve in each others’ company, all the while exalted by the last lingering rays of melting light that drench the surrounding dunes–a soothing pause in the wake of a dazzling crescendo of an afternoon. It all adds up–the way the light traces their silhouette and illuminates the delicate lace of her dress, his grasp on her hand, her confidence facing forward– all as if to sigh, “Ahhh…All that matters is right here. What else is there?”


Anne Jervey Rhett Photography

“I like this shot because it’s a sedate/reflective moment in an otherwise, whirlwind day.”


Jeff Dodge

“I have always been a fan of the “First Look!” Many times in the South, the brides want a more traditional wedding day and skip it. This couple decided at the last minute to do one and what an emotional picture and moment it turned out to be. I love capturing the raw emotion at weddings, especially when no one else is around the bride and groom.”


Jennings King Photography

“I love this Lowcountry beach shot of Daniel and Matt because of the passion and the back lighting’s dramatic effect. (My wife jokes that it looks like the cover of a romance novel.) The real story is that many logistical issues went wrong on their wedding day, including rain with an outdoor ceremony, but they didn’t let that ruin the celebration, and they didn’t mind the drizzle as they returned to the dunes for a few night photographs.”


Mic Smith Photography

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