❑ Transporting: Make sure you’re baker offers delivery options to your venue and that someone will be there to let them know where it is to go.

❑ Displaying: Talk with your baker to incorporate personal items like an heirloom cake stand before the wedding day. You’ll also want your baker and designer to work together on any special instructions you may have for how the cake is presented.

❑ Serving: Don’t forget you will need a cake service – knife and server – and to bring a family set or include on your rentals.

❑ Timing: Have a pre-scheduled time that your cake is to be cut and served. Make sure your planner or someone close to you helps remind you of the schedule.

❑ Capturing: Add the cake cutting to your photographer’s shot list.

❑ Saving: Have your caterer or planner preserve a large piece of your wedding cake so that you and your partner can enjoy it on your first wedding anniversary.

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