❑ Timing is everything. Start early or late when temperatures are not at their peak. Plan your wedding for the early morning followed by a brunch with mimosas and Bloody Mary’s or for the evening under glistening lights.

❑ Bring in the fans. From hand-held fans in a basket by the entrance to electric fans brought in by a rental company, keep the breeze flowing.

❑ Made in the shade. Whether you have a tent or are under a shady row of oaks, out-of-sun is essential.

❑ Don’t Let It Slide. Talk with your baker about your cake icing. Delicate frostings like buttercream will melt and you may lose a layer or two when it does!

❑ Keep it Blooming. Go for hardy flowers that won’t wilt, such as sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, lilies and hydrangeas. Stay away from gardenias, lily of the valley, tulips and wildflowers.

❑ Give Cool Favors. From bottles of bug spray and sunscreen to Evian facial misters, have these items on hands for guests.

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