Travel Planning

❑ Travel insurance is a good idea, especially when booking a trip many months in advance.

❑ If you’re planning a trip out of the country, make sure you and the groom has an up-to-date passport. If you’ve already changed your license to your new name but have yet to update your passport, bring a copy of your marriage license as well.

❑ With Passportica, you can take your own photo using your smartphone or digital camera and have an official passport photo meeting all US Government requirements mailed to you.

❑ Subscribe to email newsletters, travel websites and rewards programs to find out about upcoming specials or packages.

❑ Buy airline tickets on Wednesday nights as close to midnight as possible when the airlines are releasing their held tickets and trying to fill flights.

❑ Use an organizational application like Evernote to store your tickets, reservations, directions, rental car receipts and other needed items you’ve booked online.

❑ Make reservations through your hotel concierge whenever possible. Restaurants and entertainment venues often give the best service to these guests to maintain a good rapport with the hotel.


❑ Pack items that serve dual functions – like conditioner that can be used for shaving or dryer sheets that keep packed clothes fresh and get the frizz out of hair.

❑ Download and print this handy Vacation Packing Checklist to make sure you’re covering the basics.

Ready the House

❑ From holding the mail to holding your mail, make sure you’ve covered the basics to keep your house safe while you’re away with this helpful Vacation Home Checklist.

Getting There

Traveling by Car

❑ Make sure you take it in for some maintenance to ensure it is in the best possible condition.

❑ Check fluids (antifreeze/coolant, brake, oil, power steering, transmission, & windshield wiper fluid)

❑ Inspect belts and hoses

❑ Check the air filter

❑ Check tires for inflation, balance and wear (correct tire pressure can improve gas mileage by up to 3%)

❑ Look underneath for loose or broken exhaust clamps or supports

❑ Save on gas by finding the cheapest fuel near you at one of these sites: or

Traveling by Air

❑ Make sure the name on your ticket matches your ID name exactly

❑ Check in up to 24 hours in advance online and print your boarding pass

❑ Check your luggage at the curb; standard skycaps tip is $1 – $2 per bag for carrying and checking your luggage. The same goes for shuttle drivers if they help you with your bags. Anyone who helps you with special services, such as wheelchair assistance, should be given a small tip.

❑ Visit the TSA website to make sure you’re aware of new protocol and to ensure easy passage through security checkpoints

Traveling With Pets

❑ Take your furry friend to the vet for a check-up before traveling.

❑ If your pet rarely travels in a car, ease her into the travel routine by taking short trips in advance.

❑ Animals should be secure while traveling – consider a crate or carrier.

❑ Make sure your pet is wearing an identification tag.

❑ Find pet-friendly hotels, transportation advice, activity ideas and much more at

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