For the Kitchen

 1 set of pots and pans (1 stock pot, 2 saut. pans, 1 sauce pan)

 1 set of knives (one of each: paring knife, chef’s knife, bread knife and serrated knife)

 8 steak knives

 1 standing mixer

 1 blender

 1 coffeemaker

 2 cutting boards

 1 set each of measuring cups and spoons

 1 set of mixing bowls

 1 set of cooking utensils (spatula, whisk, slotted and wooden spoons)

 Salt and pepper shakers

 2 covered casserole dishes

 3 baking sheets

 A cake pan, a pie pan and a bundt pan

 Oven mitts

 2 sets of kitchen towels


For the Dining Room

 12-piece set of formal china

 12-piece set of everyday dinnerware

 Set of serving dishes and bowls to match the above

 2 serving platters

 1 gravy boat

 12 water glasses

 8 white wine glasses, 8 red wine glasses

 8 high ball glasses

 8 old-fashioned glasses

 12 Champagne glasses

 8 mugs

 12-piece set of silver

 12-piece set of everyday flatware

 1 tea service (tray, pot, sugar and creamer)

 Serving utensils (large forks, spoons,cheese knives)

 12 placemats

 12 napkins and rings

 2 table cloths

For the Bedroom

 2 sets of sheets

 1 comforter and duvet cover

 1 bedskirt

 2 blankets

 4 sleeping pillows

 Set of decorative pillows and shams

 Decorative items

For the Bathroom

 4 – 6 bath towels

 4 – 6 hand towels

 4 – 6 wash cloths

 2 bath sheets

 2 bath mats

 1 shower curtain and liner

 1 trash basket

1 soap dish and toothbrush holder


 Picture frames

 Candles and holders



 Decorative pillows for living room

 Decorative blankets

 Travel items: suitcases, garment bags, etc.

For Charity

Make your wedding day gifts give to others as well by signing up with one of the following organizations. A portion of your gift purchases can go to a favorite charity!

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