❑ Open your mind to found art pieces. A collection of many of one type of found art pieces (old clocks or pieces of china, for example) can give a wall a life of its own.

❑ If you have children, you have a young artist in your home. Frame the next masterpiece and display it proudly!

❑ Young, local artists often sell their art at more accessible prices.

❑ Outsider and Folk art add a unique visual for any room.

❑ Collect the personal treasures you’ve been storing away and put them in a shadow box.

How you display your art makes all the difference:

❑ A good rule of thumb: the center point of the picture or grouping is at about eye level.

❑ When grouping pictures or objects, play with the arrangement on a large table or on the ground before you start nailing!

❑ Illuminating art gives a completely different look to the room and adds a bit of drama.

❑ Remember: this is not just for grandiose rooms; a lit piece of art in the bathroom also doubles as a nightlight!

❑ Forget hanging! Display art by placing it on a shelf; suspended shelves are popular and easy to find.

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