Managing Money Stress

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Managing Money Stress

Over 75% of Americans report money as a significant cause of stress according to the American Psychological Assocation's 2010 Stress in America survey. These tips from the APA can help you cope with your stress. 

  • Pause but don’t panic. Remain calm and stay focused.
  • Identify your financial stressors and make a plan. Write down specific ways you and your family can manage your finances more efficiently. 
  • Recognize how you deal with stress related to money. If you are engaging in unhealthy activities, find alternatives or seek assistance from a mental health professional.  
  • Turn these challenging times into opportunities for real growth and change. Take stock of your current situation and make needed changes. 
  • Ask for professional support. Whether it be a financial advisor to create a plan or a mental health professional - ask for assistance.

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