Holiday Decorating 101

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Holiday Decorating 101

It doesn't get more basic - or essential - than a holiday wreath and garland to trim your tree, door, hearth or staircase. Our wreath and garland how-to will help you deck your halls with style and ease.

Making a Wreath

1. Purchase a wire wreath form at a craft store, or take 2 coat hangers, and form them into the shape of a circle,

2. Wrap your wreath form using grasses, branches or vines. Overlap your chosen medium, using wire or hot glue to secure it to your wreath form.

3. Add decoration using wire or hot glue to secure it. For Halloween, try wrapped-candy. Thanksgiving wreaths look great with acorns, leaves or small pumpkins. Use wreath. Silver bells and blue ribbon look beautiful in a Hanukkah wreath.

4. Think outside the “ring”! Wreaths don’t have to be circular, try square and rectangular shapes for a nice change. Decorative items are all around you, like wine corks, bottle caps or tiny framed pictures!

Garland Go-To’s

1. Pick your medium: cranberries, popcorn, beads, can tabs, CD’s or decorative paper.

2. String it: for items like cranberries, use a needle and a very-long, sturdy thread. For tabs or CD’s, you can use twine or ribbon. For paper, make a chain by looping the paper into rings and securing them together.

3. Go au natural using evergreen trimmings or dried leaves secured together with floral wire.

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