Holiday Tipping

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Holiday Tipping

Wondering how much to tip your service providers during the holidays?

Guidelines for how much to tip those people that make your life easier:

Housekeeper: one week's pay

Gardener: $20 - $50

Apartment Building handyman: $15 - $40 each

Newspaper carrier (daily delivery): $25 - $50

Apartment building elevator operators: $15 - $40 each

Teacher: $25 - $100, gift certificate to a bookstore or office supply store Your children's piano teacher, coach, etc.: A small gift from your child

Babysitter: one night's pay, plus a small gift from your child

Full time nanny: one week's to one month's pay based on tenure

Au pair: one week's pay, plus a gift from your child

Day care service: $25 - 70, plus a gift from your child

Parking attendants: $10 - $20 each Manicurist/Pedicurist: $15+

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