Back To School Health Checklist

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Back To School Health Checklist

Back to school is more than supplies and completion of summer reading. Make sure your child is set for school with these "Gold star" tips.

Screenings: Have your child's hearing and vision tested. If you suspect that your child may have a learning disability, be sure to talk with the school or a learning center to arrange for testing.

Immunizations: Check with your pediatrician, school system. and any extracurricular activities to ensure that all required immunizations are up to date.

Medications: Inform your child's school of any medications she is required to take and give instructions for administration.

Well Being: Stay attuned to your child's emotional and mental health needs. Starting a new year or a new school causes anxiety that exhibits itself in a variety of ways. Talk openly with your child about how he is feeling and help assuage fears by communicating clearly what he should expect.

Proper Gear: Make sure to invest in proper equipment for extracurricular activities including helmets, sports frame glasses, and other safety equipment.

Safety: Talk with your child about the dangers they may encounter and carefully review their school day routine, including transportation to and from school. Make it clear to your children that they are not to talk to strangers and should seek assistance from a trusted adult if they should ever feel threatened or uncertain. Use specific examples and seek expert advice to help make the conversation easier.

Emergency Information: Update your emergency contact information and provide to the school and all caregivers.

Nutrition: Plan ahead for healthy, well-balanced breakfasts and lunches and get creative with your choices to keep things interesting. Also talk about the importance of staying well-hydrated, especially when engaging in vigorous activities.

Sleep: Starting 2 weeks before school begins, ease back into your school year routine with an earlier bedtime and waking up at the time required to get to school on time.

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