5 Free Health Apps

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5 Free Health Apps

These free, health apps are busy woman favorites. Click on each for more information.


❑ Fooducate
Scan a product's bar code to see the good, bad and ugly, make comparisons and select alternatives and learn more about food and nutrition.
Free; Android and iPhone

❑ Good Food Near You
Find food choices and menu nutrition information at restaurants near you.
Free; Android, Blackberry and iPhone

❑ LiveStrong.com Calorie Tracker
A food and fitness database to help you track your food, plan your workout and manage your weight.
Free; Android, Blackberry and iPhone

❑ Take a Break from Stress
Guided meditation for relaxation and stress relief with or without music.
Free; Android and iPhone

❑ Weigh What Matters
AMA app that tracks goals for weight, healthy eating and physical activity.
Free; Android and iPhone


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