Finding Your Personal Style

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Finding Your Personal Style

Having trouble figuring out your style identity? Deb Mangolt, co-author of Drink Wine and Giggle and Lee Heyward, author of Simply Effortless used a fun exercise, Paper Dolls, at the Center for Women Brown Bag Lunch Series for a fun, creative way to discover your look.


❑ Get a stack of magazines, scissors, envelopes, a note pad, some refreshments, and a group of girlfriends together.

❑ Cut out images that appeal to you without regard to what's in your closet; and don't overthink it. What resonates with you? What style do you want for yourself?

❑ Initial or mark an envelope so that only you know that it's yours.

❑ Pass the envelopes and a notepad around to the group and have each participant review the images and write down their impressions.

Or, create a "paper doll" collage on a piece of posterboard or by pinning the images up to a bulletin board and have each person write down their impressions.

❑ For each "collection" have each person in the group -

a) Choose three words that describe her style. 

Some examples:
Sophisticated Unique Edgy
Sexy Fun Elegant
Personable Feminine Kind
Knowing Easy-going Polished
Lively Intriguing Poised
Chic Put-together Racy
Powerful Worldly Bohemian

b) Fill in the blank. 

This woman is sending a message that says: ____________.

One word that summarizes this style is ________________.

A famous person this style reminds me of is ____________.

Use the feedback you get from the group to help inform your wardrobe decisions and choices.

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