Craft: Sit-Upons

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Craft: Sit-Upons

Introduce your little ones to the great outdoors with these ideas from the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry.

The CML's Campy Camp focuses on the great outdoors and pretend play. Having turned the classroom into a forest, campers built tents, made s'mores with solar power and crafted their own Sit-Upons so that they could sit around the "camp fire." These ideas are easy to implement at home and would also make for a great birthday party theme.

To craft your own sit-upons, follow these steps from CML:


❑ Fabric or vinyl cloth-backed tablecloths

❑ Newspaper or carpet padding

❑ Yarn or string

❑ Tape

❑ Hole punch


❑ Cut fabric or vinyl tablecloths into 15"x30" rectangles.

❑ Fold the fabric over to make a 15'x15' square.

❑ Cut carpet padding into 13"x13" squares and insert between the fabric or stuff the inside with newspaper.

❑ Use a hole punch to punch holes about every inch on the three sides about a half inch from the edge.

❑ Use yarn or string to sew around. Use an overlay stitch or a straight stitch. You may need to put a piece of tape on the end of your string to make it easier to insert through the holes.

❑ Tie off the yarn or string at the end.

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