Throwing An Outdoor Fete

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Throwing An Outdoor Fete

Michaela Mueller with HobNob Entertaining shares useful tips on throwing an easy, festive outdoor soiree.

❑ Pre-treat your outdoor space for annoying bugs and mosquitoes several hours before you plan to entertain. Take extra care to treat any water features or fountains in your yard. Several companies make organic mosquito "doughnuts" specifically for water features.

❑ Make certain to have plenty of ice on hand; at least two pounds per guest. Keep a couple of extra bags stashed in a hidden cooler.

❑ Use simple linens. We love to mix Turkish towels as table covers with vintage napkins.

❑ Have trays handy to avoid multiple trips for serving guests. Look for a vintage drink caddy to easily carry and serve cocktails.

❑ Keep florals simple - this is the perfect time of year to use cuttings from your outdoor space. I always include fresh herbs from my cutting garden. The scent is wonderful and herbs add interesting texture to arrangements.

❑ Serve popsicles (we love King of Pops adult pops) or mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

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