Recipe: Lemon Gin Sparkling Cocktail

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Recipe: Lemon Gin Sparkling Cocktail

Take lemonade up a notch with this refreshing cocktail from Chef Buist Rivers of Lowcountry Eats Catering.


❑1 cup gin, chilled

❑1/2 cup frozen lemonade concentrate

❑2 2/3 cups Champagne (or sparkling wine)

❑Chilled Tarragon sprigs (optional)


❑ Combine gin and lemonade concentrate in a pitcher; chill until ready to serve.

❑ Just before serving, add Champagne to gin mixture; stir gently.

❑ If desired, garnish with Tarragon sprigs.

Makes 8 servings (serving size: about ½ cup), Prep Time: 3 minutes

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