Time Management for Your Busy Day

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Time Management for Your Busy Day

If you're looking to achieve Work/Life effectiveness, these realistic strategies can help you to create a daily routine that works for you.

Create systems for how you work/live, not for how you wish you worked and lived.
❑ Being busy is not the same as being productive.
❑ Make your list at the end of every day, review it every morning and revise it again mid day using a system (ABC - 123 for example) to assign tasks so that the most important work is getting done.
❑ If it doesn’t bring you money or happiness, consider delegating to an expert, a colleague or a family member.
❑ Lose the distractions and stop multitasking!
❑ Create a schedule for your day and stick to it.
❑ Check your email and phone messages during set times.
❑ Stop putting the same items on your list. Either do it, delegate it, or delete it.
❑ Stop wasting time. Say "yes" to meetings, projects and endeavors that are fulfilling and move you towards your career goals


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