Wedding Day Emergency Kit

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

No need to say, "If only I had my _____" on your big day! Gather the following things together to make your own "wedding day emergency kit."

For the Bride...

❑ Any medications you may need

❑ Bobby pins

❑ Make-up

❑ Hairspray

❑ Clear nail polish (for pantyhose runs)

❑ Brush

❑ Tissues

❑ Baby powder or white chalk (for covering stains)

❑ Comfortable shoes

❑ Safety pins

❑ Spare pantyhose/stockings

❑ Cell phone & a list of vendors' numbers

❑ Water & spirits for a pre-wedding toast with the gals (don't overdo it)


For the Groom...

❑ Rings

❑ Spare, white shirt (leave unopened so that you can return if unused)

❑ Large, black umbrella

❑ Hair styling products

❑ Razor & shaving cream (just in case you miss a spot)

❑ Tooth brush & tooth paste

❑ Breath mints

❑ Cologne & deodorant

❑ Camera

❑ Cash for tipping & emergencies

❑ Local map and/or directions to your honeymoon escape

❑ Water & spirits for a pre-wedding toast with the guys (don't overdo it)

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